Find a Matching Pattern in a String Using Regular Expression uft
The regular expression or RegEx is a very powerful tool to find a matching pattern of string in a given
Regular Expression in Object Identification UFT
A regular expression is a special string that describes a search pattern of characters. The abbreviation for regular expression is
File System Object (FSO)-uft
The File System Object (FSO) object model provides an easy object-based model for working with folders and files. The FSO
Every application consists of different objects like Button, Text Boxes, Radio buttons, and drop-downs, etc. UFT has a very strong
Descriptive Programming in UFT
Whenever UFT records any action on any object of an application, it adds some description on how to recognize that
Spy Multiple Objects in LeanFT UFT Developer
Multiple Object Spying in OIC In this article, I will show you how to spy multiple objects in LeanFT to create
Object Identification Center (OIC) in LeanFT
The Object Identification Center in LeanFT (UFT Developer ) is a tool that enables us to spy or view the
A LeanFT (now known as UFT Developer) application model project is made up of a hierarchy of test objects that
Create a LeanFT Testing Project
Micro Focus has rebranded LeanFT as UFT Developer. In this article, I will explain how to create a LeanFT testing
LeanFT-UFT Developer Installation in Eclipse IDE
In this article, I will explain how we can install UFT Developer formerly known as LeanFT in Eclipse on the
UFT Developer (formerly know as LeanFT or UFT Pro) is another functional automation testing tool introduced by Micro Focus. By
Virtual Object in UFT
A virtual object in UFT is used to identify an object when UFT can't recognize it using objects standard class.UFT