Import Excel File and Excel Sheets into Datatable in UFT
UFT is now known as UFT One with version 15.0 onwards. In this tutorial, I will show you how to
UFT ONE DataTable new Features
UFT is now known as UFT One with version 15.0 onwards. As usual with every new version some new features
XPath is an XML path used to navigate through elements and attributes in an XML document or HTML DOM structure
CSS Selectors in Selenium WebDriver with Example
Selenium Webdriver is very powerful to automate web applications. We can identify web elements in Selenium Webdriver using various locators
All about 8 Locators in Selenium WebDriver
In UI automation, every automation tool has to first identify/locate the test object (like Button, Checkbox, forms, links, text box,
Selenium WebDriver Login Test in Java
In any web application Login is the first basic functionality which is automated first. In this article, we learn how
How to Configure Selenium Webdriver With Eclipse myskillpoint
The prerequisite to configure Selenium Webdriver with Eclipse is installing Java as well as Eclipse. If you haven't read these
Eclipse is the most favored IDE over the world for writing Java codes and it is broadly utilized by Java
Java installation for Selenium Webdriver
In this article you will learn how to install Java and configure environment variable for it. If you are planning
Waitunitl in leanft uft developer
Synchronization is a very important aspect of testing if you want to make your test scripts robust and efficient. The
In this tutorial, I will show you how to use XPath in LeanFT.LeanFT has been officially rebranded as UFT Developer
Get table Cell values in LeanFT for a Column
Validation of cell values of a table in the application under test is a common requirement as it is a